Claus Dettelbacher – Interview on Radio Stadtfilter Winterthur


“Stadtflitter” – H.E. Dr. Maharaja Hathiwalah and Lou Profile

This interview with author Claus Dettelbacher on “BREiTZEiT” at 13th April 2011 took almost 2 hours. It was broadcasted by Radio Stadtfilter Winterthur, a free radio, which now has about 45.000 listeners per day, web-stream excluded.

The interview was conducted in English. Please download the parts below by right-clicking on them, and then open them in your VLC Player, iTunes, etc. They are all mp3 and about 40MB each.


part1 | part2 | part3 | part4 | part5




George Ure | economist – urbansurvival & peoplenomics

“… despite the title, it’s a very thoughtful look at how a whole lot of changes are piling up. no, it’s not seditious material – no endorsing of violence or anything like that. Just a book on the ‘revolutionary changes’ in the wind on many fronts and what kinds of events and indicators to be on the lookout for.”

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