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I am currently working on two books, one as a follow up to the Pre-Revolution Handbook with the working title Solutions. Another one on a very broad and equally deep project about the ‘Naga’.

My film work goes hand in hand with research for the writing. So, for instance, the interviews on the issue of Land Value taxation with Bruno Moser was the first for the Solutions book – which might essentially turn out as a series of interviews with people who have little known answers to major problems.

The book and film work on the Nagas is dealing with a layer of the most ancient ‘gods’, wo were crucially involved, it seems, in the process of patching together what is today called homo (not so) sapiens. It is also about one of the most ancient divides, between mankind and the rest of the ‘evolved’ community and about how to negotiate and pick up a new form of cooperation.

As of now it seems the old conflict involved at least three parties, two kinds of gods plus this crude melange, we today call humanity. This work will shed a new light on the most dark and dusty parts of our beginnings including the former neighborhood.

I had moved from New Delhi to Dar es Salaam a few years ago. Unlike India, I am quite intellectually ‘isolated’ here. Lots of sailing partners and safari travel partners, but apart from that we live in a bubble here, mostly surrounded by NGO and government folk, who, contrary to my Indian experience with such people, seem to be only able to talk about their work. Rarely does anybody here have real hobbies or passions – or any other perspective to pursue on weekends and evenings.
So, instead of attempting to instigate shallow discussions on Facebook, I decided to write a blog again and maybe through this find new people to talk about the issues that really interest me.

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