The Pre-Revolution Handbook

ISBN 9788191097009 – The Pre-Revolution Handbook

Hidden hands behind the New World Order & how non-violent constitutional movements could transform collapse into rising freedom & real change

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ISBN: 978-81-910970-0-9 | 248 p. | 28 b&w pictures | © 2010 by Claus Dettelbacher

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I never wanted to get into politics. But somehow ‘they’ overstretched it. There comes a point when every citizen has to step in.

The three and a half major premises on which this book is built:

1.) The US $ will hyper-inflate and most likely taking a couple of other main currencies with it into the abyss – maybe even the whole world of fiat currencies.

2.) A totalitarian fascist regime will (try hard to) take control during or shortly after this process in the US and probably also in the UK and Europe (sequence of probabilities). Riots and then civil war in parts of US will follow.

2.1.) The totalitarian Western allies will most likely make an effort to prolong the slow death of the existing system by kick-starting a major war with Iran, China, N-Korea or all by officially switching over into ‘war-economy mode’.

3.) Sudden and violent ‘natural’ changes in climate and geology will tip chaos into hyper-chaos

A handbook condensing all the ideas currently on the table among small free-thinking communities of resistance. This book covers important theories, ideas and concepts of how today’s world can be seen from a different angle. It shows where we should bring leverage to bear on the ‘soft’ spots in the matrix – to turn around the pervading negativity in our society towards a more enlightened synthesis of those former periods of revolution and half-hearted restoration – which have not yet lived up to their promises of change. There are always soft spots and tipping points that allow major changes of direction with minimal effort. If we do our homework beforehand, we will be able to assess the current situation and make useful predictions. You do not need to see the whole future, only those crucial points where the timeline has its softest spot and can be altered most easily.

Hardly anything is scarce on this planet, except good governance. No need to be frightened!

Download the second interview on Radio Stadtfilter Winterthur (“BREiTZEiT”), where some aspects of The Pre-Revolution Handbook are discussed by Dr. Maharaja Jalandhar Hathiwala and Claus Dettelbacher. It is in mp3 format.

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