Syria, pivotal in Abrahamitic eschatology + more

Let’s just recap who all is involved in Syria:

  • Various nutty fractions as IS, Al-Q., Hisbollah, etc.
  • the Syrians
  • Turkey (ex Ottoman umpire)
  • USandA (ex Western empire)
  • NATO (ex British umpire)
  • Russia (emerging pan-EuraAsian [PEAE] empire)
  • Saudi A. (empire of deception)
  • Israel (not-allowed-to-be-named empire)
  • Iran (soon part of PEAE; ex Persian empire)
  • Koordisthan free state

…and then remember that Damascus, maybe the oldest city of mankind, features prominently in Islamic eschatology. It is where the reborn Jesus, son of Mary, the Mahdi and DaJaal (Antichrist) will meet for the last stand-off. It is also written that the Persians will align with ‘Rume’ (= Eastern Rome = orthodox church = now Russia) and against Turkey.

…then consider that a lot of the leaders of above empires (Neocons, Nutty fractions, Ottoman Freemasons, Orthodox church, etc.) pay more attention to prophecies and old books than you might want to know or wish for.

…then consider how prophecies become self-fulfilling if most parties (leaders & decision makers, not the dumb masses) agree on their usefulness.

…welcome to the future now. Interesting times.

Reality & Firearms in the USandA

Was just reading a Zero-Hedge article on the use of fire arms. Very American and culturally interesting – from an anthropological point of view.

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I still believe that thought creates reality to a big degree. If it doesn’t create it because too weak and lacking strong intention, then it will attract an already existing reality and invite it. So, carrying weapons that are tools only to kill and not also to chop fire wood or cut bread, might invite ‘something’.

Following this logic, a pocket knife that is normally used as tool or to cut cheese and bread when camping, could still be used in a fight, but would not so much send out the message to universe that one is looking for a fight to eventually use the damn thing that one has been lugging around all this time.

I mean, if you carry something with you all the time, taking care to place it under your pillow, not forget it when going to the bathroom, etc – will constantly ‘charge’ this thing with attention. It’s like reinforcing a habit and building up a potential – which eventually will (independently of you?) search for a release valve.

Good that I live in a country of pangas not shotguns. They can also be used to cut grass and fetch coconuts from trees.