Markus Prummer | literary scholar –

Once you get into the flow, which was indeed not easy for a latent conspiracy sceptic like me, this is irresistible to put down. […]

read this book like a newspaper or encyclopedia, article by article, heading to the examples section and back to hypothesis. Still, noone will regret spending all necessary time to investigate every single page and even diving into a couple of the rich bundles of resources (often web based) weaved into the text.

… read it now, not in 2013. […]

You will enjoy the author’s talent to comment on deadly serious matter with a sense of humor, constantly creating new vocabulary and cheerfully playing with our internalized norms. Take it literally: when (re)volution comes, you will have read its manual!

Kenneth C. Herbst | marketing expert –

“I appreciate Dettelbacher’s commitment to explore the corruption and inequalities of modern civilization with a certain spiritual and intellectual detachment – avoiding both extremes of tired neo-Marxist pablum or jingoistic neo-con ranting. Is Dettelbacher a fence-sitter to the degree that I am? No, he isn’t. He has opinions. Strong ones. But he makes very good supporting arguments. He takes on big themes, focusing on the, »coming ‘revolution’ in society: economic, scientific and on the plane of consciousness.« It is geared for those who … are ready to move on to some fresh ideas.”